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The new look...

Well if you haven't noticed I gave my website a make-over. I felt that it needed a little something fresh! So welcome to my new improved Erica Torres Photography website. If you have been following my progress my gigs and my different styles then you know that I've finally found my niche.

Many of you ask "whats new?" Well.....ALOT. I took up more engagements, weddings and family, sessions. I am i just trying to keep this ball rolling!

As for those of you that are new to the ETP Site WELCOME! We have probably met through a shoot and you wanted to know a little more about me  so take a seat, grab a snack, and keep in touch as I take you through my life of being a freelance photographer. Through this blog I will share with you some highlights from my gigs and even share some special moments and what I'm learning in this walk of life. 

Things are going to get pretty interesting and I can't wait to share how I see this world through the lens with all of you...


Erica Torres