Erica Torres Photography
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"I feel like I'm actually living in the moment...finally"

I recently decided to bring my camera every where I go, to snap a picture of what I found interesting. To not follow the new stylistic fad, but to just snap and edit what made me personally happy. 

I also decided that I'm only allowed to snap up to 10 photos a day to force me to really put thought into my composition and what I'm creating. It's a very fun exercise and forcing me to slow down, take a breath, think about the moment I'm in. 

I'm 26 and I have gained a smidge of life experience and I know I have spent 10 years of my life constantly on the go, never living in the moment, always thinking of the next goal to reach, but this time of my life I want to slow it down. Appreciate the people I have around me, really take in the locations I'm visiting and to really soak it all in.

Smile more, Laugh more, meet new people around me and experience life for all that it has.