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It's been a year?!

2018 seemed to have flew right by and I can’t believe that my photography business has allowed me to quit my old day job and go on two tours! WHAT A MIND BLOWER!!!! So as of right now I am working at my favorite music store of all time and shooting Familys, Engagements, Weddings, Bands and …..VIDEO!

I didn’t really plan on shooting video in the beginning, but the more I shot promo photography for bands I figured… “WHY THE HELL SHOULDN’T I JUMP INTO VIDEOS?!”

So here I am taking on any music video shoot I can at the moment to plunge myself right into it.

I also launched my brand “The Media Productions” to keep the super artsy , edgy , band related stuff involved in it's own little niche.

check out the new added “The Media Productions” tab when you get a chance and stay posted because I am planning on doing some mini sessions super soon!!

-Erica Torres